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PGWL sponsors Shogi Agbortoko after a fire destroys his home

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Dr. Shoghi Agbortoko (Twitter: @RxEasy) is a recent 2021 PharmD graduate from MCPHS in Boston, MA. He has been diligently studying to take the NAPLEX pharmacist licensure exam this coming week. On the afternoon of Friday, 6/18 a devastating three-alarm fire destroyed most of his belongings. A fire that started on the third floor of his apartment building was extinguished for several hours. Since Shoghi's apartment was located on the first floor of the building, most of his belongings are either destroyed by smoke/fire/water damage and he was allowed to run in to save only a few important documents and necessities while the fire was being extinguished. The building is now deemed a total loss and the city will not allow him to enter, so he is not even sure how many of his belongings are salvageable. Unfortunately, most of the gifts that generous sponsors shipped to him through #PharmGradWishlist (shown in the photo below) have likely been damaged or destroyed.

While the Red Cross provided some assistance, Shoghi still needs to find a place to stay for the next month until he moves to New Mexico to start his PGY1 residency with the IHS. He is still processing the situation while he tries to focus his energy on the NAPLEX exam at the moment. We are grateful to the #PharmGradWishlist #TwitteRx communities who have already been asking how they can help to support Dr. Agbortoko during this stressful time. We have set the funding goal at $2,000 to help with living costs over the next month and to help replace basic necessities such as clothing, shoes, a bed/mattress, bedding, etc.

Support Dr. Agbortoko by donating to his GoFundMe here

Dr. Agbortoko would like to extend his heartfelt thank you for the community support. Thank you in advance to #PharmGradWishlist sponsors for supporting Dr. Agbortoko at this difficult time

- #PharmGradWishlist Leadership Team


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