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#PharmGradWishList Snagged a Blog

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It's 2005 and you decided to join the internet community, what's the first thing you do? Start a blog! Naturally, as a movement that started on social media, we have avoided long-drawn-out written projects and thus haven't needed a blog. Alas, there are some of us in this group old enough to remember our own personal blogs and MySpace pages... which has us continuing to grow and challenge how we communicate with the growing #PharmGradWishlist community. Bear with us as we try new things and experiment!

Social media has been amazing at engaging the #TwitteRx Twitter community and has started to grow on Instagram and Facebook as well. But each platform has limitations on communication length, content, etc. This new platform will allow for slightly longer and more detailed discussions and updates from the leadership team. Plus, some of us enjoy writing!

You're probably asking yourself as we did... what can I expect to see from a blog that's part of a social media movement? We have plans of providing content and updates on the movement including new funding campaigns, updates on how we are running the program, leadership updates, sponsee thank you notes, and of course details on our new podcast! If you have read this far, you are in luck to learn that the leadership team has started to work with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to explain our movement and create an audio experience to meet sponsees and continue to connect with us! The ultimate goal of this is to continue to connect with the #PharmGradWishlist community across multiple different platforms and locations so we can continue to support matriculating minoritized pharmacy members.

Thank you

-#PharmGradWishlist Leadership Team


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