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Introducing "Brighter Horizons a #PharmGradWishlist Pod" - featuring Dr. Christine Nguyen

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Dr. Christine Nguyen - University of the Pacific '21

The #PharmGradWishList team is proud to announce the production of our home-grown podcast, “Brighter Horizon”. Brighter Horizon will uphold, uplift, and amplify previously silenced voices, providing a stage to show the world the impact of diversifying healthcare. This platform demonstrates a glimpse of the brighter horizon we have to look forward to given these up and coming rising stars. Our first episode of the exclusive PGWL pod features a continuation of a series showcasing pharmacists who have been sponsored by our mutual aid movement.

For this episode, Advisory Team member, Dr. Judah Brown, interviews Dr. Christine Nguyen. Listen is as they explore the meaning behind PGWL and the impact on the transition from student to pharmacist. Dr. Nguyen, a graduate of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, recently began her career as a pharmacist as a PGY1 resident at Palomar Health. Prior to starting her residency, Dr. Nguyen was the gracious winner of a crowd-funding campaign that allowed her to purchase a new laptop computer. Now as a resident, Dr. Nguyen is in awe of the support she received in order to start her career with the tools to be successful.

Throughout this episode, Dr. Nguyen discusses how her family, specifically her grandfather, influenced the start of her pharmacy career. Despite the many challenges she has faced as a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Nguyen continues to be an advocate for the profession and shares words of wisdom on how to optimize resources to achieve your goals. Dr. Nguyen will without a doubt become a pharmacy leader and we are privileged to have her within our collective #PharmGradWishList family.

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