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“Brighter Horizons” and Vibrant Futures - Podcast Episode 4 featuring Dr. Ja’Miera Stuart

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Looking toward “Brighter Horizons” and vibrant futures, #PharmGradWishList hopes to amplify the voices of our rising stars. A movement for change often starts with one step and forward momentum to incite a fire that can fuel the success of many. On Episode 4 of the “Brighter Horizons” podcast, Dr. Ja’Miera Stuart discusses how that one leap of faith has positively affected the trajectory of her career and the outlook for the pharmacy profession.

This go-round, leadership team member, Dr. Ila Saunders, chats with Dr. Stuart regarding her journey to becoming a pharmacist and how movements such as #PGWL have been part of the fire that can change the profession of pharmacy. Dr. Stuart, a graduate of famed HBCU, Florida A&M University, recently began her career as a pharmacist as a PGY1 resident at Howard University Hospital. Dr. Stuart credits some of her successful transition into pharmacy resident based upon the generous support from mutual aid movements, such as #PharmGradWishList, which has allowed her to relocate to pursue her dreams. Now as a resident, Dr. Stuart looks to become the change herself, starting a social media campaign to showcase her journey through residency and inspire other students, like herself, that with change dreams can become reality.

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