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HMMMM.... Help Mentor Minority Members Matriculate into the profession of pharmacy!

Do you endorse #PharmGradWishlist and its mission?

Donate to support our student members?

Want to help grow minority representation in pharmacy via multiple pathways?

Have pharmaceutical care experience and the skills to share and coach others?

Then you are the pharmacist we are looking for!

We are seeking pharmacist mentors from across all aspects of pharmacy to support underrepresented minority pharmacy students in their transition into the profession and beyond. The routine failures of systems to support these members are financial, educational, and access-related. We are starting this mentorship program to help break down these barriers by providing access to high-performing and well-connected pharmacists across multiple practice areas. If becoming a mentor to these students aligns with your experience and goals, we ask that you read on for details, and please sign up!

What are we asking of our mentors?

We ask that mentors sign up to support an underrepresented minority student in matriculating into the profession. Examples of ways to do this include but are not limited to, meetings to discuss professional interests, advice, and networking. The minimum expectations of our mentors include:

- Quarterly video or phone meetings with your mentee

- Discussion and coaching with professional advice

- Open line of communication for questions/advice (email/social DMs/etc)

- CV and letter of intent reviews

- Serve as professional role models for their mentee

Other Logistics

Our mentor program will start as a pilot, providing mentorship to our twenty recent scholarship recipients. We hope with additional time and resources we can engage more mentors and more students to provide more support. We encourage all who are interested to sign up below and join our mentorship list. We would like to note that we may not have enough students to place with mentors at this moment and can not guarantee that you will be paired with a student if you sign up.

On behalf of the PGWL team, thank you for your interest, generosity, and support of this community.


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