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Support Dr. Arrington as she begins her pharmacist career

PharmGradWishlist is excited to continue the 2022 graduating class's Large Item Lottery!

Racially and ethnically minoritized pharmacy graduates from across the country submit large-item requests to PGWL along with their wish lists. PGWL leadership randomly selects an individual for a coordinated fundraiser to support getting them their large item. If you are a graduating URM student, do not hesitate to submit your information at

We are excited to launch our second crowdfunding initiative for soon-to-be Dr. Tabria Arrington!

Tabria Arrington, originally from Nashville, NC, is excited to graduate from the Wingate University School of Pharmacy in North Carolina. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in either community pharmacy or an ambulatory care setting.

She is an advocate for community outreach and wants to use her pharmacy education to help those in underserved communities. After extensive (multi-state) travel during her APPEs in pharmacy school, her car is in disrepair and she needs to replace it with a more reliable vehicle to avoid the stress of further repairs.

#PharmGradWishlist is fundraising on behalf of Tabria to help offset the costs of a reliable vehicle she will need for her new role after graduation.

Donate to the GoFundMe here



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