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PharmGradWishList publishes in Journal of American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA)!

PharmGradWishlist is committed to the support of emerging racially and ethnically minoritized pharmacist trainees, as underrepresentation can perpetuate health disparities in the community. But, we are also dedicated to showcasing insights gained from developing such an initiative in the form of peer-reviewed publications. With this, our goal is to foster a movement to increase equity and diversity within the pharmacy profession.

Our first publication, a commentary entitled "Brighter Horizons: The Necessity of Concentrated Sponsorship Targeted Toward Minoritized Pharmacy Students", was just published online in JAPhA. In it, we call for action - to investigate and amplify scholarship initiatives, expand reach to pharmacy trainees, create innovative ways to engage donations, and encourage those who are able, not just minoritized pharmacists, to contribute.

PGWL was created 1 year ago by 10 pharmacists practicing in the U.S., but our goal is to evoke movement, change, and equity in pharmacy - a goal much larger than the 10 of us. We are ready to impact the pharmacy world with lessons learned in this process -- are you ready to join us?



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