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It's that time of the year - submit your Amazon Wishlist today!

Updated: Mar 1

Since 2021, PGWL has been calling on minoritized graduating pharmacy students to submit Amazon wishlists. It is again that time of year - if you are a graduating minoritized pharmacy student, submit your wishlist with items you need for your future!

Below are the steps on how to submit your Amazon wishlist:

  1. Fill out "Wishlist Submission" form by clicking Sponsee Signup | PharmGradWishList

  2. Instructions for creating an Amazon wishlist are available here. Please make sure you include the ‘view only’ link when you send the link. Instructions are available here.

  3. What items to add to your wishlist:

    1. Think about what items will be useful for your current needs and/or transition to employment - these may be scrubs, comfortable shoes, compression socks, office supplies, household items, etc.

    2. Don’t forget to add small items or gift cards in varied increments since sponsors may want to sponsor multiple sponsees

  4. Remember to notate if you are in need of a large item. Sponsees in need of a large item will be chosen via a random lottery system.

For more information, please visit the PharmGradWishlist FAQ page.

PGWL and the pharmacy community are looking forward to supporting you!



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