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Introducing PGWL Student Intern - Ji-Woo Lee!

Welcome Ji, first student intern of PGWL!

Ji is a P3 pharmacy student (Class of 2024) at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy. Currently, Ji's interests include pharmacoeconomics and psychiatry, but she is open to learn about to various facets of pharmacy! In her free time, Ji likes spending time with her cat, Chimothee, watching documentaries, and spending time with her friends.

At a young age, Ji has experienced growing up in different environments and being exposed to various cultures. She has witnessed the positivity of various cultures by appreciating differences and colorful beauty of the world. But she has also witnessed the horrors of poverty, sickening discrimination, and the tearing pain of war. During school, she recognized that finding mentors as a minoritized student is difficult. Through these experiences, Ji learned that actions are what matter and that actions eventually result in changes.

Ji joined PGWL as a student intern in hopes to advocate for underrepresented groups. She wants to empower minoritized students to feel confident when pursuing a career in pharmacy and actively tackle hardships faced by these students as they navigate through the pharmacy profession.

Help us in welcoming Ji-Woo to the PGWL team!



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