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Behind the Scenes of PGWL

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Welcome to behind the scenes - PGWL edition! Allow me to show you around! :)

The members of PGWL met about a year ago - a calling to Dr. Elizabeth Hirsch's (Betsy) post on Twitter to start a movement similar to MedGradWishlist. Whether it was finding a tangible and actionable way to tackle institutional inequities or making equity a verb, we all found our way to wanting to be the change in the pharmacy profession. We truly all have a strong personal connection to the mission of PGWL and spend time chatting, sharing ideas, and spreading the vision to others!

Our day-to-day varies, but we meet formally twice a month to discuss progress on many fronts - partnerships, scholarships, mentorship programs, social media outreach, blog, advocacy, and lately - strategic planning. New ideas are discussed and approved at meetings. But a lot of the work we do behind the scenes occurs in between. We are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other in our WhatsApp group, too! We work synergistically with one another; but, needless to say, our personalities and strengths have shaped our daily hustle:

No meeting goes smoothly without Ila's attention to organization and love for strategic planning

Marketing - no worries - you can find Betsy routinely tweeting from the PGWL account and organizing the large item GFM campaigns

Along with social media posts, Aiman is found behind the scenes developing infographics and writing blogs to help spread the mission of PGWL

A podcast is just another way spread our message - and no one can do it better than Judah

Jason's knack for website design (check it out:!) and insight from his residency director role is truly valuable

Kevin knows how to bring it back to our trainees - working hard to develop the Scholarship Program

Discussions of new ideas always prompts Lindsey to ask the"what if this goes wrong" question - she sure knows how to connect ideas and people

Caroline can hop on to any project and make it so much more enjoyable, not to mention, her connection to PLS formed one of our first collaborations

Speaking of partnerships, Britny paved the path for our very first collaboration with HOPA and continue to serve as a liaison for future partnerships to come

What can we say about Jacinda (JAM)! She is an all-around queen who brings equity to the forefront to all our projects

Thus far, our networks have helped us really hit the ground running - but our goal is to make our mission known to the larger pharmacy audience! We are always open to collaborating with organizations, contributions to our trainee Amazon Wishlists/GFM, and likes our SoMe platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)! Join us in supporting our ethnically and racially minoritized trainees!

Hope you enjoyed this special edition of behind the scenes with PGWL! :)



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